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12710769_1670024516569285_2458334142131510493_oNow in Gittins Gallery (University of Utah):


An artistic career is ever evolving. Objects and visual imagery often records an artist’s process of change or can mark a new trajectory in their body of work. Always the scholar, artists can specialize in a particular fine art tradition; photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics & sculpture. More often, artists mix and mingle new media, contemporary materials across these disciplines.

List of Participants:
Andrew Rice
Lewis J. Crawford
Heidi Moller Somsen
Lenka Konopasek
Adam Watkins
Simon Blundell
Adelaide Ryder
Eugene Tachinni
Stefanie Dykes
Linnie Brown
Naomi Marine
Adam Christensen
Eric Erekson
Marnie Powers-Torrey

Phase(s) exhibition marks a distinct stage in the development of each of these artist’s conceptual research.

Closing Reception March 2 at 6pm
Words by Stefanie Dykes
Exhibition organized by Andrew Rice