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Ogden First is excited to announce the opening of our 2017 season at PLATFORMS, our unique gallery-without-walls at the corner of 25th and Adams Ave. PLATFORMS is adding new equipment to enable it to show 2D work (think of a steel volleyball net). Five female artists will create works based on the “matrix” of chain link fence. One PLATFORM will be reserved for area residents and Art Strollers to create their own work using plastic cups, and the other will be interactive with Molly Morin’s work.

Molly Morin:
Programming for People: A human-powered algorithmic drawing.
This project will use a set of rules (an algorithm) driven by coin flips and dice rolls to generate a composition within the PLATFORMS matrix. It is a participatory exercise in order and chaos, and an experiment in computer-less coding. You are invited to join me in play to build a work upon best-laid plans, random chance, and human intervention.

Lenka Konopasek
My installation is made from individual silver strips put together in a visual curtain that shimmers and changes according to the air movement. It creates a mirage that reflects and breaks down the surrounding environment. I want the viewer to question what is real and what is perceived.

Alexis Furlong
I am interested in products that are created for ease and single use, whose impacts are infinite. Their functions are ephemeral, but their material immortal. Once used, these transient materials are often stowed away, or thrown out to weave and embed themselves into the natural landscape. The intention of my work is to explore this relationship between the synthetic and the natural by weaving organic forms out of these materials and then installing them into a “synthetic landscape”.
Alexis will also have her students create a work on a second PLATFORM.

Jessica Ritter Hollon
Jessica will recreate a beloved bitmap memory.

K Stevenson

In her work, K employs printmaking, mixed media and sculpture to explore the fluid, paradoxical, and trickster nature of memory and perception. ‘Memory is what we forget with.’

“I find it curious that we can have such a fixed notion of who we are, how we know ourselves and the world around us. However, possibility- along with its companion, creativity- reside in the crevices and fissures of the moments and spaces where we let go of this stasis and certainty; where we sift and knead the dense, often incongruent, layers of experience and personal archeology.”