Ladies of substance, Gulf Times

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In four years, Papercuts has been shown at 12 venues — Doha being its last stop. “We first opened it in Alabama and then it travelled all over the US before coming now to Doha,” says Gower.

The warm reception for the exhibition here reaffirms Gower’s belief in art. “This heartening response means that we can communicate across cultures through the visual and the arts. We don’t have to be at odds just because we speak different languages or come from different backgrounds. We really can have a very productive, enlightening and positive experience through the arts. And that’s the goal.”

What does she make of the recent surge in paper art? Gower says, “I think we are so saturated with technology that we are removed from the physical and people are really craving a way to put their hand back in. Paper is cheap and can be very forgiving. If you make a mistake, you can throw it in the thrash. It’s a way for people to just have that physical interaction with their world again.”…

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