Artscape nets identified flying objects for two public displays

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20150717__9artscape-p1The works are part of Artscape, a program created by the Summit County Public Art Advisory Board in which artists lease their sculptures for a year to be placed in the county’s rural communities.

Both works were originally created for and displayed in Salt Lake City’s “Flying Objects” public-art exhibit and are now part of the Summit County landscape.

The Park Record caught up with Konopasek and Little earlier this week to talk about their artwork.

Lenka Konopasek: Beautiful disasters

Two things inspired “Urban Tornado,” said Konopasek.

The first was the tornado that ripped through downtown Salt Lake City in 2000. The second inspiration came from images of various disasters, both natural and man-made.

“I was amazed at how beautiful those images could be,” she said. “They are visually powerful and I was interested in the conflict between the beauty and the harshness of the destruction. I have been trying to take advantage of that juxtaposition of those two views in the same subject matter in both my painting and sculpture.”

“Urban Tornado” was originally a paper-art piece that was created for ArtPrize, an arts festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan..

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